Seedrs Investment Agreement

17.1. These Ts-Cs remain fully effective and are mandatory for you and for us, unless, until an earlier date, such as: 17.1.1. We inform you that the company is not likely to raise funds on the platform referred to in paragraph 2.3 below; 17.1.2. We refuse to approve the campaign in accordance with paragraph 3.4; 17.1.3. We will remove the campaign after approval in accordance with paragraph 3.3; 17.1.4. The investment is not finished, for example. B in the circumstances described in paragraph 4.9 above; or 17.1.5. We agree to end the engagement letter. When a company presents us with an investment campaign, we conduct a broad audit process to ensure that everything it says is fair, clear and not misleading, and we only allow the campaign if we are satisfied with that review. Once a campaign has achieved its goal, we implement a detailed legal due diligence process to ensure that the business is properly incorporated and that the investment is properly structured.

This process can take from a few weeks to a few months depending on the age and structure of the participation activity. If we are not satisfied with the result of this due diligence, we will cancel the investment and return your money to each investor. For more information, see our due diligence charter. Transfer Nominee Agreement refers to the agreement by which a buyer appoints Seedrs for shares purchased on the secondary market; 3.2. If your investment account does not have sufficient resources to finance an investment that meets AutoInvest`s criteria, AutoInvest`s investment will not be executed. Your autoInvest usage is suspended until you deposit enough money into your investment account to take over AutoInvest. 7.2. The person you appoint or appoint to act on behalf of the company is a legitimate representative, has the power to speak and act on behalf of the company and to link the company to those Ts-Cs, and when the investment can be completed in accordance with paragraph 4.7, it is entitled to link the company to the documents described in it. These terms of use are a legal agreement between you as a user of the site and Seedrs Limited as the owner of the site. During these terms of use, we will refer to you as „you“ and we will call Seedrs Limited „us,“ „us“ or „Seedrs.“ In normal situations, we charge only one tax, a „success tax,“ for our services, and we only charge them if the company actually increases the investment it is targeting, as described in paragraph 12.1. In order to protect us from misuse of the platform, we may also charge you a „disintermediation tax“ and/or a „break fee“ in the limited circumstances described in paragraphs 12.3 to 12.7.

4.7. As soon as the campaign was closed in accordance with paragraph 4.6, then: 4.7.1. You will confirm the share of the sums committed that the company will accept and, if so, you can refuse any investment from a direct investor, provided that, subject to another agreement between you and us, you will at least have to accept the minimum amount of the objective (the „total amount of investments“ which, to avoid any doubt, includes all investments made by direct investors); 4.7.2.