Signed Change-Of-Name Agreement

However, since this is an administrative amendment to the contract, which covers all the remaining work, it is necessary to review the agreements regarding the name changes of government lawyers to ensure legal adequacy. The name change processes are the same as Novation`s. As described in FAR Part 42.1203, the contractor lodges the complaint through a written request to the relevant CO. The name change agreement has a simple administrative change, but requires a change in the contract to ensure the proper management of all remaining work, invoices and payments. The government does not bear any risk as a result of a change in administrative name, nor does this process constitute a conflict of interest that could exclude the government`s recognition of the change. I confirm that I am secretary of ABC Corporation; that the company was then – of that company; and that this agreement was duly signed for and on behalf of this company by the authority of its governing body and within the framework of its corporate competences. Testify with my hand and the seal of this company on that date – To prepare for the name change agreement, Part 42.1205 (b) displays a template containing the required blocks of words and signatures. You can work for a company as an independent contractor and you have a contract with it. Or your company has a licensing agreement to sell the licensed products of another company. Or your company rents commercial space to someone.

The contractor transmits three copies of the amendment agreement signed to the relevant CO and a copy of the following amendments: After the conclusion, the name change agreements do not substantially alter the contract, but as the management data must be updated, the responsible CO must nevertheless sign a formal agreement describing the subsequent modification of the management contract. Here is an example of a transfer agreement whereby the assignee (the party executing the allowance) assigns a share purchase contract to an inmate (new owner). The assignee receives all rights and shares of the assignee in the property, and the assignee undertakes to honour all „commitments, obligations, obligations and obligations“ of the assignee under the agreement. (b) The following format for an agreement may be adapted in some cases: the transfer is a transfer of ownership or property to another person, including obligations and rights. For example, some independent contract contracts require that the contractor`s duties cannot be transferred or transferred to another person.